Happiness is a cup of coffee and a really good book.

This one had the makings of a really adorable story...older MCs, second chances, babies!!!! So much potential...

Earning His Trust - Alicia Nordwell

Evin is a single dad raising his son on his own...this wasn't the plan but you know what they say...life is what happens when we're busy making other plans. 


When Evin finds himself at the local emergency room following an accident in the kitchen while baking the last thing he expects to encounter is the man who he once thought he'd spend his life with. A man whose just as surprised to see Evin sitting in the patients chair much less see him sitting there with a small child in tow. But when opportunity knocks...Ben's willing to answer the door.


Ben thought that ending things between him and Evin was the right thing to do after college their lives were heading in different directions he was sure it was the best solution for them both. What he didn't realize was that years later he'd still love Evin and want him in his life even if it was only as friends. 


Ben quickly realizes that while he may want more what Evin truly needs is a friend and he's determined to step up and be that friend and if luck's on his side maybe he could win back Evin's trust and they'd get that happily ever after that he'd so carelessly thrown away.


I really liked that Ben was willing to be patient and to prove to Evin that a second chance was something that they both deserved and that Ben also recognized that Evin had some other issues that he needed to resolve before they could be together. 


In general this was a sweet story but unfortunately it seemed to keep getting lost in the day to day details to the point that at times it just really distracted from the developing romance for me. I think if there had been a little more focus on Ben and Evin rebuilding their relationship had been added it would have gone a long way towards helping me to become more invested in Ben and Evin being reunited. 


Mickey Hamm was the narrator for this story giving me 'a new to me author and narrator' to discover and while 'Earning His Trust' didn't work as well for me as I'd hoped it would I was comfortable with the author's writing style and am definitely think that there's potential for the future with this author and I definitely look forward to seeing what Mickey Hamm brings to the audio book format in future. I enjoyed the narration on this book and the narrator definitely added to this story in a positive manner for me. 


'Earning His Trust' appears to be the Mickey Hamm's first audio book and he definitely ticked off my 'what I look for in a narrator' list and I'll be keeping this narrator on my 'watchlist'. 



An audio book of 'Earning His Trust' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an angel, a demon and a witch became friends...

Familiar Angel - Christopher Lane

It's been a hundred and forty years since Harry, Edward and Francis found themselves in the wrong place at what turned out to be the right time for them.


Life in a brothel was neither safe nor good for the three boys and Harry and Edward were determined to keep Francis safe from the darker side of brothel life. When things became too dangerous Harry and Edward knew that the only way to keep Francis safe was to flee. Trapped in a grove and hiding among some bushes the boys are witness to a meeting of supernatural beings...an angel, a witch and a demon and his protege. As events unfold what the boys come to think might be their undoing turns out to be their salvation and they are swept away to begin a life that none of them had ever dared to hope they would be a part of.


This was also the first time that Harry would meet the angel, Suriel. Over the next 140 years as the boys learn magic and what it's like to truly have a family and they come to find what they believe to be their purpose in the world...to save those who have been enslaved. 


Throughout the intervening years Suriel remains a part of their lives and slowly he and Harry develop their own special bond and for the most part 'Familiar Angel' is their story, but it's also a lot more than that because there's so much more to this story than just a love story between Suriel and Harry. There's a lot of background in this story for all of the characters  this story covers the beginnings as a family for Harry, Edward, Francis, Emma (the witch), Leonard (the demon & Emma's lover) and  Bel (Emma & Leonard's son). As well we are given Suriel's background and a glimpse of Mullins (Leonard's protege).


My only real reservation with this one was that I truly would have liked more and not just because I was enjoying the story and...well, I am greedy that way...no this time I actually have a valid reason and it's because was well as being Harry and Suriel's story 'Familiar Angel' is also giving the background for this story and laying the groundwork for future stories and this is a story that feels like it's big and it just needs a little more than some other stories might need. I'm not talking about hundreds of pages here I just feel like a little more background and groundwork for future stories would have been nice and I acknowledge it could be that I'll get it in future stories and maybe, I'm just being a bit impatient since I have to admit that while I wanted more I also wasn't left feeling like I was missing anything...so maybe, I was just being greedy but you know angels, witches, demons...can you blame me?


'Familiar Angel' delivers a story that while based on a concept that we're all familiar with (no pun intended) that of a witches and their familiars, it delivers the relationship from a fresh perspective and in a new way. 


I loved the sense of family that grounds this story and while Suriel and Harry are the MCs in this story there's also a stronger sense of an ensemble cast contained within. While the story jumps back and forth between the past and the present it's well done and I didn't have a problem with following events and where they belonged on the timeline and as always Ms Lane has created not just one or two characters who caught my attention and left me wanting more along with the characters mentioned there was a trio that we got a glimpse of Tucker, Josh and Angel and would I love to know their story...oh, hell yeah! these guys totally piqued my curiosity and would I love a book about them...even a long story...well of course...please and thank  you.


I was enchanted with this one and have my fingers crossed that the wait for Edward and Francis's stories aren't too far away.



An ARC of 'Familiar Angel' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Well this is a first for me...

The Three Miracles of Santos Socorro - Sarah Black, Jennifer North

I've been revisiting some stories that I read quite a while ago only this time around I'm having the audio experience and it's been about six and a half years since I first read 'The Three Miracles of Santos Sorocco' and while I still really, really love this story it's a cute, sweet, sexy love story between two men who live in a small town and it's laced with some adorably funny moments and while I found myself appreciating the story just as much now as I did six and a half years ago.


If you look at my original rating from back then and my rating from now...well you might find it a little confusing because originally this story easily got 4 stars from me and this time it's only getting 3 stars...and here's why...


This is a story about Abraham and his lover Santos...two men. This book is narrated by Jennifer North and yes, if you're guessing that Jennifer is female I'm pretty sure you've guessed right but what is most pertinent to my review here is Jennifer has a decidedly feminine voice and before I go any further I would just like to say that if this was a story with two women as the MCs and a man was the narrator and I know those books are out there I'd be having the same problem and that problem was simply a matter of the voices in my head and the voices coming from my speakers were very decidedly not in agreement. 


Please don't misunderstand here I'm not saying that a woman can't or shouldn't narrate audio books not even close I can think of a lot of books that would be so much better narrated with a female voice and in particular by this female, objectively Ms North has a nice voice for narrating but in the case of this story her voice didn't enhance the voices  or give depth to the story...the long and the short of it is that it just didn't work for me but ironically given another story one more conducive to being narrated by a female voice and this narrator in particular and I'm on board for the adventure because Ms North's voice nice and give the right story I think she would provided a wonderful audio experience to listeners, but for me this wasn't the right story for her voice...so still a 4 star story but for me just 3 stars for the audio book because the story and the voice just weren't a good mix.

It's been nearly 7 years...

Blue Fire - Z.A. Maxfield, Shannon Gunn

since I first read this story and I enjoyed the audio book every bit as much as I originally enjoyed reading it. 


When Jared lost his home to fire, he thought he'd lost everything but what he'd forgotten was that when one door closes another one opens and this was comes in the form of a handsome fireman with the most amazing blue eyes and a determination to rescue Jared not just from the fire but from the overwhelming sense of loss that it's left him with, but when another fire ignites between Jared and Adam...Jared runs and he doesn't stop...until fire once again brings tragedy to Jared's door making him realize that running was only taking him away from what he'd been searching for.


I think I'd truly forgotten how much I loved this short, sweet story about second chances. Jared and Adam are hot and while Jared may have run from Adam what he couldn't deny was the passion they shared. There's a bit of an age difference here but while it was part of the story it didn't overwhelm the story and I have to honestly admit this is one of the few times that I can say that while I know there's an age difference I'm not sure exactly how much it is...I think it's somewhere in the 10 to maybe 15 year range but pretty sure it's closer to 10.


Once again Shannon Gunn was the narrator for this audio book and I really enjoyed his performance on this one. I got 3 hours of an emotion filled story with a narration that added depth to the story and the characters. Truthfully I can see me doing a replay on this one. I like Adam and Jared and I like the depth and strength that this narrator's voice has given to their story.

This one was surprisingly good...

Game Point  - M.J. O'Shea, Kenneth Grahame

It's been a while since I've read a book by M. J. O'Shea so when the opportunity to review this one came up I was more than happy to give it a go. I'm always enjoyed books by this author and 'Game Point' has turned out to be no different. 


Quinn Valenzuala is a trust fund  baby. He leads the jet set life. Never staying in one place for to long until he jets off with his friends Hunter and Dane to the next party. He's foot loose and fancy free and has no interest in changing this. But when Quinn's mother calls him home with the news that his grandfather has died. Quinn begins to wonder if maybe it's not time for a change.


Porter Davis is the COO of the sporting goods company that Quinn's family owns a company that his grandfather has poured his heart and soul into and one that Porter had assumed would be passed on to Quinn's mother and not the jetsetting playboy that Porter would prefer go back to his carefree lifestyle and leave the running of Sparta Athletics to those more qualified.


When Quinn returns home he realizes that he's missed his mother and his home...that maybe it's time for him to put down some roots and accept that task that his grandfather has charged him with.


'Game Point' is truly an enemies to lovers story. Porter's determined not to like or give Quinn a chance. Quinn becomes equally as determined to make it work and become a business person his grandfather would be proud of and to prove to Porter that he's more than just a playboy with no real purpose in life. 


Little by little Quinn changes Porter's mind showing Porter that not only can he do the job but Porter can count on him when he needs too and not just in the boardroom...nope, Quinn and Porter discover that they like each other and they becomes friends...very, very good friends with benefits. Which is all well and good until Porter realizes that what he feels for Quinn is a whole lot stronger.


This ones a slow burn...very, very slow and that works because these men have to get over the deaths of someone they both care about very much and adjust to the changes that brings to both their lives before they can even begin to get to the process of learning about each other, getting to know each other but get to know each other they do and things progress from friendship to friends with benefits in due course.


I like how Quinn and Porter balance each other. While Quinn wants to learn about his grandfather's company and actually contribute to it's operations he also adds a lighter side to Porter's life getting him to do something besides work when Quinn accepts his offer of friendship and the two men begin to spend time together outside of the office. At the same time Porter brings balance to Quinn allowing him to see that there's more to life than being a playboy and that life can be enjoyed and appreciated even if it's not all just one big party. 


Quinn and Porter are not just good together...they're good for each other and the only thing that I would have changed about this story if I could would have been to make the ending a bit longer...maybe, an epilogue showing them a few months down the road...sharing their first Christmas...but maybe it's just the time of year making me think this.



An audio book of 'Game Point' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

There were certainly no regrets here from reading 'Regret Me Not'...

Regret Me Not - Christopher Lane

'Regret Me Not' started out good for me. I have to admit I totally got where Pierce was coming from...done it, seen it, been there and I remember, oh boy do I remember I was that grumpy old person, lashing out at the people who loved me and wanted to help me and then regretting the words as soon as they were out of my mouth. Wanting to take back everything I'd said but not being able to. Frustrated because the things that I'd taken for granted being able to do I couldn't, knowing that some of it was temporary and some was stuff that I'd be able to do again someday when I was fully recovered but at the end of the day that didn't help a lot when dealing with my frustration...so yeah, I really got where Pierce was coming from. 


Pierce takes refuge at his friend Derrick's Florida condo and on his first venture out to the pool to do some aqua therapy he finds himself being coached by an attractive young man who really seems to know his stuff when it comes to therapy. Hal's hiding out at his parent's condo...he's lonely, frustrated and just generally trying to get control of his life. He's been in school for 5 years trying to get his degree which would be a whole lot easier to accomplish if he wasn't squeezing the courses he wanted in between the ones his parents think he needs. Hal wants to be a pysio therapist...his parents want him to be a lawyer and probably not gay would be good in their eyes too.


Pierce and Hal fit together like puzzle pieces. Pierce needs help not just getting his body back in shape but getting his heart and soul in order too. Hal needs to help. He's a nurturer, helping people is in his soul, it's an integral part of who he is.


Hal thinks Pierce is a unicorn but Pierce...well, Pierce knows that the unicorn is Hal. He's bright and shiny, special and unique and Pierce is sure that he's too old and just not the good person that Hal sees in him. 


I loved how well Hal and Pierce fit together, how good they were for each other and to each other. This was a sweet story about two people getting the best gifts of all for Christmas...the gifts of friendship, love and family. 


Best of all a the end of the story when I thought I was going to have to have to say good-bye to this adorable pair, Ms. Lane gives the reader one last gift the promise of more...Pierce and Hal will be continuing their adventures and they'll be shared on the author's blog. I know I look forward to continuing to find out more about Hal and Pierce as they continue to go through life together sharing whatever comes their way.



An ARC of 'Regret Me Not' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Just a little something that I wanted to share...


So here's the thing, I'm not a fan of horror stories. It's not that they're bad no, it's mostly just that horror stories and me don't do well together, but, my son's partner well...she loves her a good horror story from time to time and she and I love to talk books so last night when we were chatting with the kiddle's on Skype she showed me this book...



and my brain exploded because I was all...'Oh, I have friends on BL who like horror books and this looks like it would be a fun and interesting thing for them. I need to share. So that's what I'm doing because I'm told that while she's not done this one yet for her it's definitely a 4 star read at the very least. So if you love horror and you don't already know about this one you might want to check it out because apparently it's a fun trip down memory lane in the genre of horror.  Happy reading!

Just a comment to explain why this one went down hill on me...

Adam and Holden (Men of Smithfield #4) - L.B. Gregg, Shannon Gunn

Ok so this is a really bizarre experience because I've listened to the first 3 books in this series and they were all narrated by Shannon Gunn and I enjoyed them so because I've read the books and this is just me listening to the audio books because I wanted to revisit a series that I had enjoyed years ago...until I got here and things kind of tanked a little for me.


Once again Shannon Gunn is the narrator and while I his idea of Adam's voice and the rest of the characters were ok, I can't lie Holden's voice...well...it was...let's just say it was not my idea of how Holden would sound and I might have found it a teensy bit annoying because truthfully for me it just didn't sound like a 40ish year old man but someone who was definitely older and at times the voice for me had a bit of a pervy undertone to it...sorry, but no...for me Holden's voice was just wrong and so for that reason and because he's one of the MCs the story can keep it's 4 stars but the audio only gets 3 stars from me.

There's never a dull moment in the lives of Destructive Delta...

Tried & True - Charlie Cochet

'Tried & True' was so much of what I'd hoped for in this story. There were so many answers to a lot of questions and things have taken a decided shift towards what's yet to come.


The tenth book in the THIRDS series ironically started a little bit on the slow side for me but I really didn't mind. It was good to ease into things with them and so worth it. This is it folks...the moment we've all been waiting for...for quite a while now. Dex and Sloane are tying the knot...or at least they will if they can manage to get to the alter in one piece because needless to say as is often the case with the members of THIRDS the road to love is not smooth...oh hell, who am I kidding there are no smooth roads to anywhere with this group. But they are indomitable and no matter what comes their way...they are family, they have each other's backs.


I loved all of the things that we learned with this story...Ms Cochet gave us more about Wolf, about Sparks and about Sparks relationship with Tony, so much more about the Makhai and yet, I have the feeling that we've barely scratched the surface on this group and Dex...he's changing so much. One can't help but wonder when the changes will end and to what extent Dex will change. Even though we really didn't learn more about him, we got more Austin...I admit it, I'm a total Austin fanatic and I can't wait to get his story, I want some happy for Austin...so much happy for Austin and I'm really, really trying to be patient but...well,it's hard so needless to say whatever peeks I can get of Austin...any little tidbits of information, anything at all is always appreciated and I have to admit I'm starting to really want more Wolf. I have the feeling his story is going to be a white knuckle ride.


But in the meantime 'Tried & True' was a 'THIRDS' fan's delight. We were given action, danger, suspense, sexy times, humor, romance, love, a tiny bit of heartache, answers to questions, more questions in need of answers and best of all at the end of it all we got to go to a wedding and share Dex and Sloane's big day with them and the rest of the THIRDS team and in true Dex style it was a wedding unlike any other.


If you've never read this series, this is honestly a good time to get on board. This book came along at just the right time. It's got a sense of closure to it because things are changing but at the same time it brings with it a wonderful sense of more. I honestly can't wait for the next book in this series because I simply love this collection of characters but I'm not feeling like I got left sitting precariously on the edge of a cliff, more like I'm at a wedding and the dinner's over and I'm waiting for the dancing to begin.



A copy of 'Tried &True' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I seem to be in the minority here, so really there’s nothing here to see…carry on…

Five Dares - Bret Easton Ellis

Andy and Jake have been friends…best friends for a long time and during that time The Andy & Jake show has kept their friends thoroughly entertained. Andy’s the daredevil. His stunts are daring, nerve wracking and at times downright scary. Jake’s the show’s promoter. He adds the drama and the flare with his dares, his pleading, cajoling whatever it takes to build anticipation of the pending event. Crazy stunts are nothing new for either of these young men…having them go awry is…or at least it was until the day Andy convinced Jake that they could safely hold lit firecrackers in their hands as long as they kept their hands open.


It could have gone so much worse than it did but still after a trip to the local emergency room resulting in a pronouncement of second degree burns on both of their hands, Andy and Jake find themselves having to revise their summer plans leading Andy to come up with the plan that they stay at his family’s summer cottage since they both need help with all of their basic ADLs (activities of daily living) and since Jake’s family doesn’t have the awesome health coverage that Andy’s does it only makes sense, right?


As the summer progresses Andy daredevil streak surfaces in the form of a dare between him and Jake…a dare that while it may bring some relief for the sexual tensions they’re each enduring it could also lead to potential heartbreak for one or maybe even both of them.


From a purely objective viewpoint this really was a cute, friends to lovers, new adult, coming out story. From a subjective viewpoint I could appreciate the writing and the story concept. What I didn’t seem to be able to do was connect with either the story or the characters. I liked the story well enough I just didn’t find myself enchanted with anyone.


I’m not going to sit here and attempt to pick this story apart and expound on all the things that I didn’t like or any of that rhetoric because truthfully, I wouldn’t know what to say. It’s not that this was a bad story or that there were things about it that I didn’t like. It’s just that for me it didn’t have ‘it’, whatever that ‘it’ is that endears a book to us and makes want to crawl inside and live in it…well that wasn’t there for me. There were times when I know things should have been funny or at least mildy amusing for me and they just weren’t.


So maybe this was a case of ‘it’s not you it’s me’ or maybe it was just a case of ‘the right book having the wrong reader or maybe that’s the wrong book with the right reader’. I can’t even say that it was a problem with the narrator because honestly, while the narrator, Tristan Josiah may be a new to me narrator. I thought he did an awesome job with this story. I really enjoyed the voices and looking at it from the perspective of the only the narration I’d have to give this one a solid 4 stars…so no matter how I look at it for me it comes down to the fact that this time around things just didn’t work…that’s it, that’s all.


Would I recommend this book…absolutely a lot of my friends really loved this one and I value their opinions a lot. Don’t get me wrong I value my opinion too but just like not everyone loves what I do…not everyone doesn’t love the same things as I do and there is the fact that overall, I really like Eli Easton’s writing and whether I love them or only like them…I’ve never been sorry that I read one of her stories…definitely a win in my eyes.



A copy of  ‘Five Dares’ was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I'm really torn on this one...

The Christmas Fling - Heidi Cullinan

'The Christmas Fling' is the first book in Heidi Cullinan's series 'Christmas Town' a spin-off from her series 'Minnesota Christmas' which I diligently read and loved...even, 'Santa Baby' pulled 3.5 stars out of me, but while the first book in the 'Minnesota Christmas' series started off with a solid 4 star read for me...'Christmas Town' hasn't gotten off to such a good start.


Interestingly enough while I liked Terry and Evan individually...Terry and Evan as a couple, well...not so much. Terry and Evan went from a rather kinky, hot and frantic one-night stand to co-workers who for all intents and purposes as far as Evan is concerned they've never met but even more bizarrely while Evan is frantic to find Kevin, he's less than happy with Terry and upon first meeting him doesn't seem to like him very much but he puts up with him because he thinks Terry is his best chance of finding the elusive Kevin...Oh, if Evan only knew. 


As Terry and Evan work together they start to build a relationship as both co-workers and friends and while Evan finds himself wanting to take the relationship to the 'next level', Terry's attraction is tempered by his own quirks and insecurities. It quickly becomes apparent that if Terry and Evan are going to make a go of things they're going to need more than a little help from their friends...friends that we've met previously in the 'Minnesota Christmas' stories.  Needless to say this was one of my favorite parts of the story with Kyle & Paul, Gabriel, Arthur & Dale, Frankie & Marcus and a few other residents of Logan. 


As much fun as it was to revisit some of the residents of Logan and to meet some new characters like Levi and Charlotte. Where I found I occasionally had an issue was the fact that while Evan and Terry periodically each had people managing their needs to keep them on track personally and/or professionally as they both tended to become singularly focused on a task at times forgetting that they needed to do things like eat or sleep as well, I've known a few people like this and truthfully at times I've been one of those people having to manage someone's needs to ensure they eat, sleep, take meds, etc. and to a degree that means managing the person but at times it felt like it was going beyond managing their time to managing them and given that these are suppose to be two mentally competent men capable of managing their own lives I can't say that I was very comfortable with this course of action by people who were suppose to be their friends...I'm still pondering this one because I'm just not sure how well the idea sits with me...managing...manipulating...it's a fine line we're walking here.


Somehow out of all this and in spite of some fun and quirky moments between these two I just couldn't get a sense of them as a couple...as co-workers...yes, in this capacity I liked them and I could easily imagine them working together as architect and designer. At times I was even beginning to get a sense of them as friends but that's where the connect stopped for me. I think the biggest obstacle to me seeing more of a connection between these two men was the fact that Evan spent a very hot and steamy evening getting up close and personal with Terry and yet, in the light of day because of a name, a beard and few pounds difference in weight Evan didn't recognize Terry as Kevin when the man was standing right in front of him. Add in the fact that Terry made some comments that only Kevin would have known and yet in spite of all these things Evan couldn't see what was right in front of his eyes...so for me, Evan and Terry as a couple was more of a stretch than I could imagine. Maybe if Evan had managed to connect the dots without the proverbial brick to the head I might have been able to get behind this pairing. But he didn't which leads me to wonder 'how can he be so fixated with someone when he can't even pick him out in a crowd so to speak'. I understand that Evan isn't suppose to be good with names and faces but this...wow, this was so far outside of that concept for me, that I just couldn't buy into it.


My final issue was the epilogue while it started to sort things our a bit for me. Unfortunately it was to short and abrupt to finish the job and while the story was complete I was still left hanging and feeling like there just needed to be a bit more to finish things off and put a bow on the package.


I have to admit this one took a little extra effort to get through it was an ok read but unfortunately failed to grab my interest as strongly as stories in the 'Minnesota Christmas' series did previously, but I can be a bit of a die hard about these things so I'm going to hang in there and see what Ms. Cullinan has in store for us next year when we hopefully once again visit 'Christmas Town'. 



A copy of 'The Christmas Fling' was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

It's really just another rating with a comment...

Down and Dirty - Greg Tremblay, Rhys Ford

'Down and Dirty' is the 5th book in the Cole McGinnis series and while it's in some ways maybe not the best it's totally still one of my favs because it's about Bobby and Ichi and I adore these two seriously hard core adore them. So while there's a bit of repetition because events here overlap with events from 'Dirty Deeds' the perspective here is mostly Bobby's and a bit of Ichi's giving things a bit of a different twist and I admit it when it comes to Bobby and Ichi, I'm an easy sell.


As always Greg Tremblay's narration was fabulous and he brought the story to life for me, cementing Bobby and Ichi's place in my heart.  Well that's it for me. I'm off to curl up with the last book in this series and watch some Christmas movies while I wait to see what Santa has brought me. 




Let's not call this a review...it's more of a rating with a comment...

Dirty Deeds - Rhys Ford, Greg Tremblay

and let's just say it's same old, same old...I'm loving it and the story's every bit as good as I remember and Greg Tremblay's just making it all the better and even more enjoyable than I remembered...so in a nutshell...I'm lovin' it!!!

Well here we are at book #3...

Dirty Laundry - Greg Tremblay, Rhys Ford

Ok, so once again it's Cole McGinnis by Rhys Ford and narrated by Greg Tremblay. So the e-book was a exuberant 4 star read and the audio has just bumped it up to 5 stars. I loved it do much that I of course just dove into book #4...well, actually I did dive into book #4 and I'm currently listening to book #5 because I admit it this lady has decided the best thing to do for the holidays is be sick so I don't really have the where-with-all to do much more than listen to an audio book and do a bit or reading...thankfully I'm all ready for Christmas and I hope you all are too...Happy Holidays!!!

It's the holidays and I'm doin' it up right with some Cole & Jae-Min hotness!

Dirty Secret - Rhys Ford, Greg Tremblay

It's Cole McGinnis (ready Rhys Ford) narrated by Greg Tremblay. I loved the e-book and this audio book is really just that much better so 'nuf said, right?


I'm off to the next...oh, wait I'm off to the 5th book. So I'm playing catch up. Happy holidays everyone!

I'm just going to keep things short here again...

Dirty Kiss - Greg Tremblay, Rhys Ford

Ok, we're in s & s mode here (short & sweet) It's by Rhys Ford and narrated by Greg Tremblay. That's about as good as it gets in my world.


I loved the book the first time around (  Original Review: Dirty Kiss), I loved it just as much...actually even more this time and I'm now on to book #2 Dirty Secret.


If you're looking for a new author or a new audio series I strongly recommend 'Cole McGinnis' it's seriously good stuff...e-book or audio it's all good...definitely recommended.