A trip outside the zone...

Consent - A.J.  Rose

So I had my review done and just as I was about to post it, windows closed on my computer. Which is more than a little irritating so the condensed version of my review is...


I was taken on the most incredibly intense, gut wrenching, heartbreaking, tear inducing roller coaster ride that I have been on in a very long time.


I like stepping outside of my comfort zone from time to time and I knew this book would take me there and boy did it. Even more than I had anticipated. I'm still pondering a lot of what happened and letting it roll around in my brain. Some of it I may never really decide how I fell and that's ok not everything needs to resolve itself all the time for me to be ok with it.


What I do know is A.J. Rose knows how to write a riveting and compelling story. Yes, it had some very dark moments it was a picture of humanity at it's best and often times at its worst with a modicum of indifference thrown in.


Ben and Gavin were...Ben and Gavin and I still adore them. However, it was Myah and Marshall who stole my heart and garnered a lot of feels and tears from me. Especially Myah. All I can say about her is that every child who has ever needed someone to care, to protect, to champion them. Needs a Myah.


Ms. Rose, I am adding this to my small special shelf with Greg Iles's 'Blood Memories' and 'Safeword'. Thank you for this incredible story. I will read it again one day, when I'm sure my heart can take it and I have a big, soft box of tissues handy.