I should have known better...

Chaps and Hope - Bailey Bradford

Mossy Glenn Ranch is a spin-off from Bailey Bradfords series Love In Xxchange, specifically the last book 'Where There's a Will' which was ironically my least favorite of the series and had me sighing with relief that it was over. But for some reason I had the notion that I should read this series. 


After reading 'Where There's a Will' I admittedly liked Troy and was happy he'd found someone(s) to have a future with, Will had tugged at my heartstrings and I was glad to see Troy and Carlos get him away from his family and into a loving and supportive  relationship, Carlos, however, left me feeling rather ambivalent which is rather ironic considering he really is the glue that makes this ménage work.


So now here we are one Troy, Will, Carlos story later and I'm still liking Troy. Will is grating on my nerves because he at times seemed to be a self-absorbed, conceited brat, rather than the someone who was moving on from the abuse he endured at the hands of his family and building a life for himself with the men he loves. He did still have his moments but they were a little more spread out than I had hoped for. 


I was also less than impressed with the direction the plot took in this book at the point where Troy stepped in and rescued a young man from his father's abuse. This story just really stopped working for me from that point on.


For the most part I enjoy Bailey Bradford's books and I will give the rest of this series a chance in the hopes that things get better and something clicks into place for me. But for now I think I'm just going to take a break and read a bit of something else in the hopes that I'll come back to it with a bit of space between this story and the rest of them.