Damn those Knights Templar anyways...

Charming - Elliott James

I started reading this as a buddy read over on GR with my friend M. Unfortunately, I think I lost her somewhere along the way. But not to worry, I ended up reading a book that I otherwise might not have read and M, you're still an awesome friend because this book was your suggestion for our buddy read.


I haven't read much in terms of paranormal books since the great Twilight fiasco. As in the books were gifted to me by my children and I read them. That pretty much cured me of any interest I may have had in regard to vampires or werewolves and I've never been a fan of zombies (thankfully none were created in the making of this story). What this story did have that I really appreciated were some good old Knights Templar, now you have to understand these guys are special at my house because...well I married one. So I love stories that utilize this particular organization and their history.


John Charming, yes that's right our hero's name is John Charming and at times it's definitely a bit of a misnomer, is a Knights Templar unfortunately he's also considered to be an abomination in the eyes of this same group that trained him and taught him how to be one of their best monster hunters ever. So there you have it the beginning of the very basic foundation of this story. Knights Templars are modern day hunters of monsters, things that go bump in the night if you will, and our hero has been cast out of this group for being what they consider to be an abomination.

His mother was bitten by a werewolf while pregnant with him, thus passing the gene, virus disease...whatever, on to him.

(show spoiler)

Charming is the story of how and why and what happens to John Charming as he makes his way in the world of humans after being rejected by the Templars. 


The thing that sets this story apart from so many others for me was the way the author merged the world of the paranormal with the world of the normal or as I said to my personal Knights Templar, the fact that the story explained the unbelievable using the believable. Yes at times details were stretched but if you're going to make me believe in all those things that go bump in the night a little stretching of the imagination is going to be needed on both sides of the story. However, Mr. James made it so easy and possible for my imagination to create his story to buy in to how his world could possibly exist and I really enjoyed it. 


I hadn't really planned on reading this series beyond this book but I really enjoyed the world building and the character development that occurred in this first book and I'm sure that my natural curiosity won't let me stop at this point. 


If you're a fan of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files like I am, you might want to check this one out. I could easily imagine Harry Dresden and John Charming existing in the same world as a matter of fact I think a book with these two men fighting evil side by side would be pretty epic and probably incredibly entertaining.