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Momentum (Finding Happiness Book 4) - Diana DeRicci, Paige Prince

I've been reading these stories for a while now. The first one was published in 2012. Diana DeRicci has created a very sweet and likeable couple in Mark & Jimmy. From 'Mark's Crush', the first story where Mark and Jimmy met during what was a low point in Jimmy's life as his relationship with his lover falls apart, then to 'Mark's Challenge' where his faith in the man of his dreams is tested by distance and appearances then on to 'Mark's Courage' where circumstances force Mark to decide if being with Jimmy means more than his privacy and now in 'Momentum', Jimmy has proposed to Mark and wants to take the next step in their relationship. A step that means big changes for Mark leaving Mark with some major decisions that will change his life drastically. Does Mark believe that what they have is strong enough to carry them through a lifetime together? Now's the time for him to decide. 


I've really enjoyed watching these two men grow as a couple. Dealing with the challenges of two people trying to find their way and the added complications that come with one of them being famous. I'm hoping there's more in store for these two men because this one didn't feel like an ending...it felt more like another beginning.