No more men...or so he says...

Ropes and Dreams - Bailey Bradford

That's right Drake is swearing off of men after his last failed relationship.  And that lasted for about one page turn until Ian McCain's arrival at MGR in an effort to  follow up on some police business with an otherwise occupied Troy (See book 1).


I freely admit I'm not following the logic on this one. I get Drake's swearing off of men because his last failed relationship was with the douchebag to end all douchebags. The man was physically abusive, emotionally abusive, controlling and let's not forget verbally abusive and from the sound of things this is Drake's pattern when it comes to picking men. So I guess it's lucky for him that Ian picked him. 


One of the things about this book that I liked was the fact that Drake was not portrayed as Mr. Perfect. My impression of him was that he was reasonably attractive, not drop dead gorgeous and like most people he had strengths and weaknesses. Something that unfortunately should have allowed me to find him more relate able than he was at times.


There were also just too many 'huh?' moments in this book for me.

Things such as Salt's sudden crush/infatuation with Blake and his certainty that he would know what Drake's sexual preferences were? Just a hint Salt, that saying about the word 'assume' there's a reason for it. Then we have the reappearance of Fred Jr (Anthony) and this time he's gone from being someone who had a inexplicable crush on Will and the MGR graffiti vandal to an arsonist and not just any arsonist but one with a gun and a vandetta against Ian? Really why not Carlos or Troy? They're his so called obsessions lovers? How the hell did Ian even make it onto this guy's radar?

(show spoiler)


And again I found myself less than impressed irritated with Will. When the dog trainer that was hired showed up he immediately went to see the dogs and Will's itty, bitty feelings got hurt because the guy paid more attention to the dogs than Will. Sorry Will, I'm with him. I'd rather interact with a bunch of pups than someone so taken with themself that they don't have the good manners to step up and introduce themselves upon my  arrival at their home as per their request.


While I'm on the subject of Will, let's not leave Carlos and Troy is Carlos.  Carlos who apparently is such an alpha Dom that he can't be shown how to train his dog? Really, you've never owned a dog, you basically admitted you don't know the first thing about having a dog but you can't be bothered to take the time to learn because it's somehow going to infringe on your Dom image? Sorry I'm just going to call 'bullshit' on that one.


Out of the original MC's in this series, I'm left with Troy being the only one that I have any hope for and sadly even with him, my brain keeps wondering what the hell he sees in the other two?


I keep telling myself that this series will get better for me, book 2 was marginally better. So, I'm going to hold that belief and  move on to book 3.  Mainly because while I wasn't head over heels about Drake and Ian they did have some nice moments when they were interacting and I liked that Ian wasn't willing to hide his relationship with Drake from the word go he wanted it, and wanted it to work. Given Ian's history this seemed like a pretty ballsy thing to be willing to do, so that got him a gold star or two in my books.


I also liked that Drake was right there with him. In spite of his bad relationship choices he was willing to give Ian a chance and didn't decide he was just the same as the rest of them before he ever found out. A hard thing to do if you've been in a bad relationship and are going into a new one, so again another gold in total 3 stars, but I'm clawing one back because I really want Will to grow the fuck up and I want Carlos to man up, if he's a Dom than as I understand it his primary concern and responsibility is the care and well being of those he's responsible for...Carlos this includes that cute little puppy that you claimed as yours when Will gave him to you.


With  any luck book 3 will be even better right? Right?