Well I almost regretted this one...

Riding and Regrets - Bailey Bradford

'Riding & Regrets' started out really well for me.  I was totally enjoying the sweet romance that was building between Jody and Noel, it was nice and I was smiling for most of the book and as far as their relationship was going it pretty much stayed that way.  Hell I even started developing a bit of a soft spot for Will and Carlos got a brownie point or two as well.


What didn't work for me was the part of the story dealing with Noel's departure from California, his parents and the skeezie ex-boyfriend who so desperately needs to be locked up somewhere for the criminally insane as far as I'm concerned.  Also Jody's background especially the details or should I say lack of details around his departure from Texas and the why and how of his becoming a daddy.  These parts of the story just felt weak and incomplete and would have been more believable for me had there been a bit more to them.


The other big plus in this story was Prissy (Priscilla).  Jody's unexpected surprise (I didn't spoiler this because it tells you he has a child in the book description).  She is just adorable and I love the fact that while suddenly finding herself in a totally new environment with a whole bunch of strangers she had her fears and was scared but at the same time she had the resilience of a child and was able to adjust. Also the fact she won everyone's heart with her spunky attitude, kids are amazing and so often we forget the strength of spirit that is contained within those little persons.  A strength that can put a lot of adults to shame.


Still overall this ended up being an enjoyable read but the lack of details and the parts of the story that felt to me like they should have been filled out better and given more relevance than they were kept it from being an amazing story, so 3 stars it is.