It's the end of the trail...

Broncs and Bullies - Bailey Bradford

'Broncs & Bullies' is the last book to date in the Mossy Glenn Ranch series and possibly the last book for me. Over all the series was average with book #3 being a bit of an exception. This last book was a tiny touch better than some of the others but even BookLikes doesn't do quarter stars so it stays at 3 stars.


What I liked the most was Duke and Frankie they ended up being a cute couple and I liked that Duke wanted to help Frankie see that he was deserving of love and respect and he realized that Frankie's self esteem was not good.  Frankie's self esteem was for him the source of more than a few bad decisions.  


While sex was a big part of the story for Duke and Frankie it was believable, mostly because of Frankie's background and that fact that he often used it as a way to punish himself since he didn't feel that  he deserved to be loved and respected.  So in a way it was the one thing that he understood and Duke used this to show Frankie how he felt about him and that he did deserve to be loved and treated with respect.


I liked Duke's reunion with his brother. It was realistic in that it didn't happen all at once and everything was suddenly rainbows and lollipops.

Duke found his brother and they finally connected and made a beginning at rebuilding their relationship and ironically this was largely due to Frankie's determination that Duke would at least try to have a relationship with his one remaining family member.

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What I really disliked about this book and ironically this is also a good thing. Frankie's parents, I'm pretty sure we're suppose to dislike them intensely.  These people were the lowest of the low.  Especially his mother.


Unfortunately in spite of the fact that there were some good plotlines going on and they had strong potential I found the resolution to be lacking and I felt a bit cheated.