Forget the stars this one gets five big shiny Red Dirt Hearts!!!!

Red Dirt Heart 3 (Red Dirt #3) - N.R. Walker

It is so rare that a series gets better with each successive book. I'm usually happy if the books are as good as the first one, but N.R. Walker has set a new standard for series because each book in Ms. Walker's Red Dirt Heart series has just been better and better.


I loved book 1 in this series, book 2 stole my breath away and now book 3 has stolen my heart. This was such an incredible read, I honestly couldn't put it down. There are some fantastic reviews out there so I don't know what more I can truly say except if you've read the first two books and liked them this one will not disappoint you. If you haven't read the first two get them and read them. Aside from the fact that they are wonderful stories they are worth reading just so that you can read this amazing third book.