I am a happy, happy girl...

Full Disclosure (A Nice Guys Novel Book 2) - Kindle Alexander

I was worried jumping into this one because of how the first book turned out for me. Luckily it turned out that I did the right thing. I enjoy this story so much more. Mitch and Cody were adorable and I really like them. I liked the fact that Colt and Jace were floating around the fringe of this story and all the new characters that were introduced. 


There was a bit of resolution on the who done it front, but in the end there's still more to be told there, but, it wrapped up better for me and I am looking forward to the next phase of this series. Book 3 isn't due out until next year but I'll be watching for it and looking forward to reading it. My biggest hope is that book 3 sees Aaron and Kreed getting their grove on. I think these two men have the potential to be the hottest couple yet and I'm really, really hoping that's the author's plan as well but I'll have to wait and see won't I.


And let us not forget the cover. Once again that is one fine cover full of yummy abs and tats.