Book #5 and still going strong...

Foundation of Trust - A.M. Arthur

'Foundation of Trust' is book five in A.M. Arthur's 'Cost of Repairs' series and once again I loved it.  We met David in a previous book when Rey was looking for a partner for his catering business. There were hints that David had things in his past he wanted to keep there and now in 'Foundation of Trust' we get to find out what's been haunting David and driving him to keep everyone at arms length.


I wasn't really sure how I felt about David in the previous books, but I am now. I like David. The new person in this story is Owen.  Much of David's heartache and pain is because of Owen, so needless to say I was sure I would not like Owen...wrong.  I like Owen, partly because breaking David's heart was the last thing he ever wanted to do. Unfortunately Owen was a degree a victim of circumstances and it was some of those same circumstances that contributed to David's heartache.


'Foundation of Trust' was a very appropriated name for this story because at the heart of everything that went wrong between David and Owen was that the trust between them that is so integral to a strong relationship got destroyed when Owen left and his sudden reappearance in town years later with promises of undying love just aren't enough to fix it. Then to make matters worse David has other issues from the past to deal with and his behaviour towards Owen only shakes the foundations of Owen's faith in their ability to find their way back to each other.


For David and Owen it comes down to a question of is their love for one another strong enough to see them through as they rebuild the foundation of trust that has been damaged between them. It's a question that any one of us can find themselves asking when a relationship takes an unexpected love enough to rebuild trust?


While the ending was a happy one it was one that the MC's had to work for and it was believable. I liked David and Owen and the love they shared and I sincerely hope that I get to see more of them.