Somebody owes me some sleep...

Manipulation - Eden Winters

I am so getting to old for this.  I started this book yesterday and even though I had to take a huge break in the day because the real world just doesn't understand that sometimes when you get into a book, even though the book will wait for can't wait for it and that's what it's been like for me throughout this entire series. Once I have these books I must read them and I will do just about anything to make sure I get to do that. In this case it meant giving up several hours of sleep, what the hell there's always tonight, right?


Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of Eden Winters period, if she wrote it. It's going to be amazing in my world and to date she has not failed me.  So far this is my 20th read by this author and out of those books I have given one 3 star rating the rest have all rated 4 stars of more.  Sorry for the ramble just wanted you to understand how terrific I think this author is.


This book had me from the opening sentence.  I love Lucky and Bo, they are two of the most incredibly screwed up characters I have ever encountered. Neither of these men have gotten much of a break on their lives and yet they both keep working at making life better and not just for themselves but for the rest of the world as well. 


In book 3 we left our men in a cabin in the woods waiting to see if the drug ring they'd broken would be rebuilt. Lucky gets recalled to the SNB offices and Bo gets left behind. As if that's not bad enough Bo suddenly disappears and things start to get strange for Lucky and he's not sure who to trust, but the one thing he knows for sure is he's going to find Bo and bring him home and no one is going to stop him...not even Bo.


I keep thinking this series can't get any better and then the next book comes out and I find out they can and they do. Book 5 is going to be called 'Redemption' and I've decided to give up thinking it won't be better because somehow I just know it will. What I don't know is when it will be out and I really, really need to know that.  


So please Ms Winters, not to be to pushy I lost a whole lot of sleep last night and I'm figuring it's your fault you wrote this fabulous story that kept my mind racing with anticipation and so you owe me the sleep but I will gladly trade it for more Bo & more Lucky...please?