This one moved along nicely...

Moving Day - Jaime Samms

This was a short, incredibly sweet and angst filled book and I have to say it surprised me with how much I enjoyed it. 


Mikey and Jay have moved around each other most of their lives and now Jay's making one last move and Mikey's helping him but if he's not careful it might be the last move he gets to make where Jay's concerned.


This was a short, fast read, filled with well placed details, a solid supply of secondary characters and a plot that left me clutching my pearls with tissue in hand on one page and needing a  cold shower on the next.


The only thing about this book that I was not impressed with unfortunately was the cover, I was just not a fan of the cover art and maybe that's why it took me so long to get around to this book, who knows, however, I am definitely a fan of Jamie Samms and this one just tells me that I need to read her books more often.