Just another Mary Calmes story...

Blue Days -  Mary Calmes

I do love the comfort food of Mary Calmes. Her stories are like a balm for my heart and soul. I love the characters, I love that while the window dressing may change a bit at the core is always that over the top love story that only she knows how to deliver.


Blue Days gives us two new characters Dwyer, is our alpha with the irresistible gravitational pull and Takeo is the object of his desire. In spite of the obstacles and there are a few our boys find a way to make it work and yes, thank you for wondering, I did smile pretty much from beginning to end on this one.


While 'Blue Days' won't make the list of my favourite Mary Calmes books ever, still it was Mary Calmes and I enjoyed it and I'm still smiling.


Psst, I forgot to mention even though they didn't actually make an appearance in the book, I think it's safe to say that Aaron and Duncan are doing ok ;-)