In the end Bob was the star of this book...

Bob the Destroyer of Leads - Sue  Brown

Bob as you've probably guessed is the cute little beagle pictured on the cover. Only Bob is an extremely energetic beagle and chews through his leashes over and over and over again and isn't about to let anyone tell him what to do.


I liked Bob, but I like dogs so it's not a stretch. What I wasn't sure about was whether or not it was possible to like Will, Bob's owner, or Lawrence, Bob's love interest. 


Will has issues lots and lots of issues and part of me felt bad for him and wanted to see him work through his problems so that he could have a more positive life, he was hiding in his home and trying desperately to exist without living and for any normal healthy 22 year old that's just wrong. It's a time in a persons life when they should be out there doing and discovering what the world has to offer them and what they have to give back in return. My compassion for Will was a very generic thing, something I would feel for any person in his circumstances and not something ascribed to his character specifically. The thing that really bothered me though was that for as bad as I felt about the things that had happened to Will so far in his life I just didn't like him. I found him to be annoying.


On the other had we have Lawrence. Lawrence is a dog trainer, although in his opinion he is 'The Dog Trainer'. Lawrence is also irritating and domineering and really, really bossy. Yeah, you guessed it I probably liked him even less than Will.


So my issue how in the hell was I going to actually be able to bring myself to finish reading this book. I had no clue other than sheer determination. Imagine my surprise when Peter and Evan show up (they are the couple from book 1, Hairy Harry's Car Seat). Evan is the vet who takes care of Bob after his accident, he is also a friend of Lawrence and Peter it turns out is Will's boss. And all of this was for me a very good thing because adding them to the mix kept me happily reading.  Reading and realizing that I was starting to not mind Will and Lawrence, I was even rooting for them as a couple. I ended up liking them together, they were cute. Are they on my 'top 20 book couples, but that's ok, given the number of books I've read they really have to punch a lot of buttons to make that list with me. In the end I liked them and as a couple they worked, but...Bob was still the star of the book. Mostly because he didn't let Lawrence boss him around.