More Evan & Pete!!!

Hazel Takes Over - Sue  Brown

'Hazel Takes Over' was a fun look at more of Evan & Pete and Pete's family, a little Will & Lawrence and a sneak peek at Jesse & Dan our MCs for book 4.  I enjoyed this Evan & Pete are a nice couple.  I like that they're more mature.  We see a bit more of Pete's family in this one his kids and his ex-wife, Toni. Pete & Evan are supportive and help Toni through a difficult situation.  One that creates a minor crisis of faith for their own relationship which is dealt not by over the top drama but through mature conversation as adults are sometimes prone to have.


The other thing this story offered was the beginning of Jesse & Dan's story.  Another mature couple in a long term relationship that's is facing it's own crisis of faith because of Jesse's job.  I'm looking forward to book 4 and finding out how things go for these two men.  So far I really like Jesse.  I like Dan as well but I have to admit in this couple right now Jesse is my favourite.


Last but not least we have Hazel, an adorable dog that has been brought into Pete's life by Evan to help fill the void left by Harry. Harry was Pete's dog in book 1 and unfortunately while he played a major role in bringing Pete and Evan together, his role was short lived (bad pun intended).


'Hazel Takes Over' was a nice quick read that offered a more in-depth look at the couples in this series and their adorable pets. Not an epic emotional roller coaster ride but still an enjoyable read.