'Cause you're hot, then you're cold...

Dreams To Sell - K.C. Kendricks

'You're yes then you're no'


Katie Perry, yeah of all the singers in the world this is who was running through my brain while I read this book.  Which all things considered it could have been worse...oh say maybe...Rick Astley, that would have had me screaming or maybe just turned me into a stark raving mad lunatic...so all in all Katie Perry, not so bad.


This book was for me ok and not much more.  I really, really liked the first 6 books in this series.  Unfortunately this book and the previous one have me questioning whether or not I'll continue reading 'The Men of Marionville'. 


We first met Dylan Donoghy in book 3 and he's back in this one as he invites his friend Keith to move to Marionville and partner with him and Cass (Dylan's partner) in a new business venture.  Keith agrees because the two  things he knows for sure is he's bored and when it comes to business Dylan is as good as gold.  So now that the deals been struck he needs to find a place to live.  Enter Terry local real estate agent.


I like the fact that for the most part this series is about mature men. Mature being defined as 30+, not all but a number of them. It's just nice to read stories where the main characters are past puberty and have some actual life experience. Nothing against youth but sometimes the literary world makes me feel like life ends at 25, if you're lucky to even last that long. So when I encounter a story, much less a whole series, that predominantly features independent, mature, successful, still attractive over 30 MCs...well I wholeheartedly support this. Especially when said MCs aren't constantly chasing the under 25 crowd. 


Unfortunately, this story had a couple of disconnects for me.  The first one being Terry, he just didn't make sense.  Terry is suppose to be recently widowed, if you consider 2 years recent, but if the relationship was good and all indications are this one was, it can be so very, very hard to move on. This part I get and I appreciated the fact that while Terry wanted to move on it was hard.  Unfortunately most of the time it just felt like he was floundering around like a fish out of water.  He'd say no and then in the blink of an eye he'd either change his mind or put something out there that just gave me a 'what the fuck!' moment.  The other disconnect was that it just seemed like to many things were left needing more detail. I almost felt like this was more of an outline than the complete story.


Apparently Katie Perry and Terry aren't the only ones running hot and cold on this. I started out giving this book 3 stars and now here I am at the end and I'm thinking maybe I can stretch it to 2.5 because I realized that the reason I read it so quickly had more to do with the shortness of the book (around 100 pages) then it did with how much I enjoyed it. 


So yeah...

Someone call the doctor
Got a case of a love bi-polar