Sundown, you better take care If I find you been creeping 'round my back stairs...

Moon Dances - K.C. Kendricks

It's been a while since I read something from this series. K.C. Kendricks series Sundown definitely has an Urban Fantasy flavour to it and I have to admit I've enjoyed it so far. This latest instalment offered a bit more humour, more background on both Sundown and Fallon. Background which was a little surprising and at the same time left me seriously hoping there was more to this series because while questions were answered more were added.


What really disappointed me was the brevity of this book at less than 75 pages, I was really just starting to get into the story and it was over. Still what there was, was very enjoyable and I sincerely hope I don't have to wait to much longer for there to be more.


Some of you may or maynot recognize the song lyrics I used on this one. They're from an old Gordon Lightfoot song called 'Sundown' and ironically the first book in this series was called 'The Back Stairs'.