More Elliot & Tucker, a good, what more could a girl want...

Fair Play - Josh Lanyon

Apparently more Elliot & Tucker. I know, I know I just read the book and damn, I loved it, not that this really surprised me after all it's Josh Lanyon and he is one of my absolute favourites.


It was a bit of book bliss to have another story about Elliot & Tucker. These two are absolute favourites and I could happily read more about them.  Watching Elliot as he realized that sometimes he needed to see things from a different perspective than his own had me holding my breath on a couple of occasions and the things that Tucker would say to him, so unexpected and so often what Elliot needed to hear left me a little breathless with the realization of how deeply he loved Elliot.  


Overall I enjoyed the mystery part of this story I liked that it wasn't quite what I was anticipating so there was little bit of a surprise there for me and the details were nicely offered up as parts of the story without being an info dump a considerable challenge in its own right given that some of the mystery actually occurred during the 60s & 70s a rather volatile time in American history.


There was a bit of time between the release of 'Fair Game' and 'Fair Play' and I can honestly say that for me it was definitely worth the wait.  The only thing that could make me happier than reading more Elliot & Tucker would be more of Dr. Stephen Thorpe & Mark Hardwicke  from Josh Lanyon's I Spy series, just thought I'd slide that one in there in case Mr. Lanyon stumbles across this review ;-)