Chance & Tucker meet Jake & Tor...what could possibly go wrong?

Never Too Early: The Beginning - Chris Owen, Tory Temple

Do you like cowboys? Do you like firemen? Then you've stopped at the right book...maybe.


Having read Tory Temple's 'Firefighters' series and Chris Owen's 'Bareback' series needless to say when I stumbled across this book it was a 'MUST' have for me. I jumped into reading it yesterday and finished it first thing this morning. There were a lot of things about this book I really, really liked. First off I just liked that it was a chance to read more Chance & Tucker and more Jake & Tor, I like all of these guys and hadn't expected to get new stuff to already we have a win.  I liked the friendship that developed between Tucker and Tor it is so freakin' adorable and funny.  I like that the story goes back and forth between the two couples smoothly and I had no problem following conversations and who was where and doing what. Overall I really like the way this story is what could go wrong?


Well to be honest at this point I'm not sure anything has gone wrong, but there are things happening that I just did not expect and I'm not sure how I feel about them. I do know that I really, really want the next instalment, which according to the end of this book is going to be 'Never Too Early: Finding Their Way'. I'm just hoping and crossing my fingers that it'll be out soon because holy smokes, things are heating up and I really, really need to know what happens next and yes, this book did leave me with questions and little excited to read a new story with these four characters and a whole lot anxious to read more...soon, really soon...I hope!