If you've ever planned a wedding...

With This Ring, I Thee...Oh, Sh*t! - Dane Waters

You seriously need to check this one out.  It's not often that a book makes me giggle as I'm trying to quietly read in bed at 6 a.m. this one did.  This book was filled with laughs and every wedding disaster you can think of and some that, well honestly never crossed my mind and surprisingly there was also a secondary storyline that contained a more serious note and somehow the author wove this thread throughout the main story without belittling the importance of it for the characters involved.


I knew from the description this was not going to be a serious book so I went into it looking for some light entertainment and that's what I got. From the brides father...Buck Tucker, seriously that was his name, let me just say I'm so glad he wasn't my dad I'd never be able to look at him with a straight face, to the bridesmonsters and the bachelor party at The Cow Palace if it could go wrong...it pretty much did. The biggest question was who it was going wrong for.


The cast of characters was to say the least varied and bizarre. Each playing their own little unique snowflake role.


For all of it's light hearted moments 'With This Ring, I Thee...Oh, Sh*t!' was a story about family and secrets and how it all comes together to impact our lives and influence the choices we make.  Pretty heavy stuff for a light hearted story but it worked for me.