Ok so here's the thing...

Hell & High Water - Charlie Cochet

There are a lot of reviews for this book and some of them are really good, some are so-so, some are not so great and one would tend to wonder why is that?


Mostly it's because they're by different people and so the end result is (I'm borrowing a quote here) 'no two people ever read the same book'. That's it plain and simple.


What's good for one person, isn't for another, what's memorable for one...for another not so much.  I like that and I find it keeps life interesting.  I went through and read a lot of the reviews for this book and I agreed with bits and pieces from damn near all of them whether the reviewer liked the book or not.  I was also amused by the fact that while I agreed with some things I saw in other reviews the reasons as to why I agreed were sometimes very different.  Then I sat down here and decided to try and focus on putting my thoughts and feelings about this book into words and the best I can come up with is this... 


For me this was a fantastic story.  I liked so much about it and while I agree that Dex did take a bit of a personality change on us interestingly enough I actually saw bits and pieces of men that I know in the character of Dex, so this actually endeared him to me even more, my point while this aspect of Dex didn't work for others, I'd have to say it worked for me.  It definitely didn't bother me or detract from the story and because there were some things about him that actually reminded me of  my husband, whom I happen to be rather fond of I probably found Dex to be more adorable than he really was.  The overall story line actually has me intrigued because I know there are a number of books to go yet so this plot is nowhere near done. I'm curious to see what happens next.  One of the things I'm hoping down the road is that we'll get the whole scoop on Cael and Ash, I'm pretty sure there's a little more than just good friends going on there, but we'll see.


At the end of it all it comes down to the fact that what works for one person doesn't always work for another.  This one worked for me and I'm hoping that book 2 and 3 will work just as well or maybe even better because I'm off to find out.  Book 2 & 3 are already loaded  up on the e-reader and waiting to be read.