I was reading this and...

Shady - Jan  Irving

I kept finding myself being reminded of the movies Blade Runner and The Fifth Element, both of which I liked a lot. So brownie points already for this book bringing to mind movies that I like. 


I liked Shade, which I'm not really sure what that says about me given his personality, but I will admit what I like was the character. He worked well within the world that the author created. Now, I'm not really sure I want to sit and have coffee with him, but still I liked him. I liked that the attraction between him and Nick was not instalove...lust maybe but definitely not love.


What I didn't like was that this was a story with the potential to be so much bigger. It was good...really good.  I wanted the author to give me the big, epic story that I could feel within the pages of this book waiting and begging to get out. I admit sometimes when I read a shorter story I wish for it to have been longer because it was good and as much as I wanted to know the ending I want to keep reading.  This feeling was different even though the story was, for all intent and purposes complete, I really, really wanted more, I wanted it to be that gritty, hardcore, dystopian fiction the one that makes you squirm and question your moral values and leaves you wondering for days...if this was my world, could I live in it? could I survive in it? would I have the strength to try and make a difference? what kind of person would I be? would I like myself?


Ironically I think this is the first time I've finished a story and been left feeling like I saw more potential it the story than the author...or maybe I just needed for there to be more.