Did I mention, I don't like ghost stories...

The Haunted Heart: Winter - Josh Lanyon

Well I don't unless they're written by Josh Lanyon apparently. I started reading this book because one of my friends mentioned that Dr. Stephen Thorpe & Mark Hardwicke show up and I adore these two men, even more than Tucker & Elliot or Adrien & Jake or Tyler & Will or Sebastian & Max (who really should have more than one book, just puttin' that out there for the universe). I love Stephen and Mark, they are #1 on my list. So yes, if it meant a little glimpse of these two men who I adore I will read a ghost story.


Imagine my surprise when I realized that I was genuinely enjoying the story even before we got to the Stephen & Mark part, which is the reason that I gave the book 4.5 stars instead of just 4 (that's right a 1/2 star is just because they showed up). Also consider that this is a ghost story which I don't read and I gave this one 4 stars. That alone should tell you how much I enjoyed it.


I'll also be adding Flynn & Kirk to my list of adorable couples. Not that they're a couple yet, but they're heading in that direction and I would like to see them continue down that path because I think it's going to be an interesting one.


The Haunted Heart: Winter was good, really, really good and I have every intention of scaring the bajesus out of myself and reading more of this series when it comes available.  So yes, I have my big ferocious muttster to protect me (ok, he's really just a little ball of fluff and runs from his own shadow) and I have my comfy chair and favorite mug for coffee and my snuggly teddy bear and winter is here so bring on the ghost!  I can do this, I am brave...sort of...kind of...almost?