Another Christmas story...

The Roommate - Teegan Loy

So this was actually Christmas story #3, I'll go back to #2 in a minute.  This one started out a little precariously for me since all I really learned in the first 6 pages of a less than 30 page story was that Ryan was an absolute total incompetent in the kitchen. I mean seriously keep this man out of the kitchen under all circumstances. There was also a strong clue that he loved his boyfriend Jordan, which came from the fact that he was attempting to cook a meal for Jordan even though he knew he was a disaster in the kitchen and that he'd been staying at a hotel for the past week so that Jordan could pretend he isn't gay rather than be honest with his family about who Ryan really is to him.


I was almost ready to quit reading but decided that since the story was so short it would be a rather silly thing to do. So I kept reading and things definitely got better and the story definitely improved. 'The Roommate' ended up being a short sweet story that left me smiling and even gave me a couple of laughs and a whole new appreciation for laundry rooms.


Ok back to story #2 now and then on to pick out  my next read. I love Christmas time!