This was a sweet little bit of inspiration...

Inspiration - Henrietta Clarke

'Inspiration' is a lovely story from the author of 'The Truth About Riley' a book that I really adore. While I might not put this in the same like category as 'The Truth About Riley' I definitely enjoyed it and found it to be a heartwarming holiday story.


Nolan moved half way across the world to be with Benji and now has to return to the states to care for his mom following her surgery and Benji refuses to go with him, since he hates it there and needs to be in Scotland to continue his writing.


'Inspiration' is the story of how Nolan and Benji get through this holiday challenge and the questions each of them must ask themselves and find the answers too. 


I enjoyed this story and it's underlying message to look inside your heart, figure out what's truly important and then hold on to it and never take it for granted a very inspiring message indeed.