Definitely my far...

Safe Harbor - Laylah Hunter

Oh this one was lovely.  So sweet and just warm fuzzies from start to finish.  It was friends to lovers and it had me crying sad/happy tears throughout the story.


I can easily see this being a much longer read than it was, but having said that the author did a fabulous job of creating a beautiful story that embraced the holiday spirit of believing in all things being possible.


Blake ran away 7 years ago unable to deal with the loss of his father and the realization that his feelings for his friend were more than they should have been.  As his ship docks in a Boston harbor he's contemplating a holiday that for him holds no joy.  Leaving the ship he's greeted by the sight of the one person who can change that...his best friend Tom and thus begins their reunion. 


If a holiday story that leaves you smiling with the possibilities offered by hope and love at this special time of year is what you're looking for I recommend adding this little gem to your reading list.