Sometimes short really is a good thing...

Peace in the Valley Evergreen (2012 Advent Calendar) -  Jana Denardo

So John and Anthony are partners. Anthony is  a werewolf shifter who works as a rescue dog with John as his handler when they aren't at their day jobs.  John in fact is a paramedic and Anthony is a nurse. Sounds good right? I thought so. 


So at less that 26 pages let me give you the condensed version, John and Anthony have been together for years, they f*@k like bunnies, go to Christmas dinner at John's parent's house, go rescue a guy (a really stupid guy, read the story or more), go home and f*@k like bunnies some more, the end.


I have no idea how they met or any real details of their relationship and there was no real story plot here. If this was an excerpt from a series by this author, I somehow missed that fact. This one just didn't work for me, it might have if it was a part of a bigger story line where our MC's had gone through some challenging or difficult experiences and we were finally getting to see them have their much deserved HEA. But that part of the story was missing and it made this part of the story come up lacking.