I liked what there was...but...

Homeless at Christmas - Scarlet Blackwell

I would have liked even more.


Neil seems to be a really nice guy but he has no family and apparently no friends? I'm not sure why. That info just wasn't clear.


Kai is living on the streets and when needs dictate he'll work as a rent boy. Why was a seemingly normal well adjusted man with no health issues living on the streets? I know this happens in real life to but let's face it like Neil, there's a story there.


What there was I liked it was very touching and I liked the connection that seemed to happen between Neil and Kai. Yes it was fast, but I went into this knowing I was reading a short story and not a novella or a full length novel. So no fault to the author there and certainly if she ever decided to revisit these two men with a longer story I'd gladly get on board to read it.


'Homeless At Christmas' definitely gets a home in my heart for the sweet holiday sentiment that it as flavoured with.