Happy Hanukkah!!!

Eight Nights - Keira Andrews

I'm not biased I love a good holiday story and if it's Kwanza or Hanukkah or Christmas I don't care. I actually enjoy it when those stories are flavoured with details of how a particular faith celebrates their holiday it adds such a nice touch and I get to learn things. How can you not enjoy that?


Lucas gets dragged home by his roommate's mom for the holidays and that right there made me like her because no one should spend the holidays alone.  Even though in some ways he wasn't looking forward to it I think in his heart Lucas was glad that he wouldn't be spending the holidays alone at an empty college dorm. Especially since this is his first Christmas without his dad, who was all the family he had (I might have cried a little here). 


Upon arrival at their home Lucas discovers he is staying not in Sam's room but Sam's brother, Nate's room. Nate who is essentially Sam's polar opposite and pushes all the right buttons for Lucas.


While this was a short story the author did a terrific job of building a relationship between these two young men and I have actually just discovered that in this case there is more because there is another story about these two adorable men...so I'm off to get me a copy and see where life has taken these to men over the past year.  Oh I do love the holidays!!!