More winter than Christmas here...

Snowbound - Scarlet Blackwell

This one wasn't really a Christmas story and that's my bad. I liked Hayden and Dylan and together they worked for me. Unfortunately, their timing was lousy and in spite of how strongly he was attracted to Dylan, Hayden had a life he didn't feel he could walk away from.  To me this gave him a sense of commitment and honour that people don't always have, but he wasn't perfect either his encounter with Dylan was betray of vows he's made to someone else and as fate with have it he had to live with that and it's not always easy living with the consequences of a mistake that you've willingly made. Don't get me wrong I'm in no way absolving him of what he did. I'm just saying that the fact that he did it tells me how strongly he felt for Dylan.



I do however respect that he came clean with his wife and told her the truth about his time with Dylan because of his vows he at least owed her that much honesty and the fact that she chose to forgive him was her choice to make and she made it with full knowledge. 

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The person I felt the sorriest for in the end was Will.

He walked away without a fight or an ugly scene, giving up the man he loved and yet he knew he would never really be first in Dylan's heart, so he took what time he had with him and when Hayden returned he left without any drama. I'd love a story where Will got the happiness he so very much deserves.

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'Snowbound' ended up being a little more intense of a story than I had expected because it left me wondering if given the same set of circumstances what would I do? What would I want my partner to do under these circumstances? At what point do you let go because there's really nothing left to hold on to? I'd like to believe I know the answers to these questions for myself, but really do any of us know until the time comes for the decision? I for one hope I never have to find out.