This is a life thing not a book thing...

61 years ago today the person who would become my best friend in the whole world was born.  Five years ago this past September we lost her and still here I am 5 years later quietly celebrating a life that wasn't long enough.


There are so many stories of her and I. We were friends for nearly 30 years. We were there for the good, the bad and everything in between.  We were godparents to each other's children. When her oldest daughter got married I walked her down the isle because my friend wasn't there to do that for her but I was. I could give her that one last gift.  


I wasn't there when she passed away.  My husband and I were in Montreal for a little working vacation for him and just vacation for me.   I had pleaded with him to stay and we had decided that we would but my friend knew we'd been looking forward to going so she made me promise I'd go and she swore she'd be there waiting for me to come back and tell her about our trip.


Our second night in Montreal we got the call from my son.  I was so angry with my friend for not keeping her promise. It took me awhile to forgive her and to understand that she needed it to be that way. For me not to be there so she wouldn't have to worry about how hard it was for me to let her go because that's how she was. She was the kind of person who always worried about making everyone else's world right before her own. She left this world when her daughters were all at home tucked safely in bed and getting rest, when I was to far away to get to her to hold her hand and make sure she knew I was there until she was gone and no longer needed me. She wasn't alone though and for that I am grateful. 


So here I sit five years remembering a friend who left me too soon, but she left me with nearly 30 years of memories, so much more than some people can ever hope for and I am truly grateful for every one of those memories. I think most of all I'm hoping that whoever chooses to read this will be thinking of their own best friend as they do so and will take a moment to call them say hello, maybe share some memories and let them know how much it means to have them in your life.


I know if I could I'd be on the phone right now and I'd say "Hi buddy, how are you? Happy know I miss you, right?"  Happy Birthday Mary.