All I want for Christmas is...

Comfort and Joy - L.B. Gregg, Harper Fox, Joanna Chambers, Josh Lanyon

4 wonderful stories by 4 fabulous authors, and I got it; all wrapped up in 'Comfort and Joy'.



Joanna Chambers gave us 'Rest and Be Thankful' set in Scotland it was a story of friends to enemies to lovers, it was about finding kindness, understanding, forgiveness and love when and where we least expect it.


Harper Fox presented us with 'Out' also set in Scotland this was the story of finding strength and courage when you need it most and standing up for what you believe in and what's right, no matter what the personal cost and sometimes when you do the right thing the things that happen are what you least expect.


L.B. Gregg gifted us with 'Waiting for Winter' a story of two men giving up too soon and then finding their way to love and back to each other. A beautiful reminder that there are times when we all need to listen more closely to what our heart is telling us.


and Josh Lanyon serves up 'Baby It's Cold Outside' a story of friends to lovers gone wrong.  The way to a man's a heart is through his stomach but will a romantic holiday meal be enough to help save this couple when nothing seems to quite be going right? After all it's Christmas. Isn't this the perfect time for faith, hope, love and forgiveness.


I thoroughly enjoyed all of these stories each was a uniquely different holiday offering filled with it's own special brand of 'Comfort and Joy'.