I really, really loved this one...

Bowl Full of Cherries - Raine O'Tierney

'Bowl Full of Cherries' was a warm, humorous, holiday story about two men finding each other before either of them have really found themselves.  I loved it. It pushed all the right buttons for me. Not to say that it was perfect. There were flaws, but overall everything just worked extremely well for me.


Crowley was such a sweet and adorable guy. As someone who has struggled with weight issues their whole life it made how he was treated a lot of his peers when he was growing up and even as a young adult an issue I could relate to and understand. I loved that in general he remained such a sweet and positive person towards the rest of the world, his attitude towards his mom was to say the least admirable, she didn't deserve such a loving son. Most of all the call between Crowley and his sister had me in tears both happy and sad. 


While I found the gay for you part of the plot line a bit of a challenge  I was so enchanted with how Rell treated Crowley I found it to be a lesser issue for me as the story progressed.


I got this book from my Secret Santa over on the GR Secret Santa Gift Exchange and I'm so glad that she/he (not sure who my SS is yet) chose to gift me with this book because it was on my wishlist and I was determined to wait until after the gift exchange was done on the 19th when I would have treated myself to a copy but this way I got read it sooner and it was so worth it.