Well this is going to be short and sweet...

Green the Whole Year 'Round - Rowan McAllister

So my apologies to the author because this really is a wonderful, sweet holiday read worthy of the time spent reading it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and to be honest would be more than a little happy to see another story about these two men and how things are going  for them.


Unfortunately due to the time of year and the acquisition of an early Christmas present (that's right hubby got me a new toy, a sweet little laptop which hooks up to a 24 inch monitor when I'm using it in my office) anyways, my time is running out as I have much to do today and my patience with technology is wearing thin after having locked myself out of my laptop for most of the morning.


So given the circumstances the best I can say is it's worth reading and I really enjoyed it...oh yeah and there's a ginger involved if that scores points with you ;-)