Well this one was ok...more or less...

The Perils and Pleasures of a White Christmas - Emily Moreton

What I liked...well I really liked the MCs. First we had Drake a former military turned F.B.I agent and Tim his partner who is still in the military. Their life is complicated because even with DADT repealed being open isn't a truly realistic option for Tim and Drake seems to both understand be willing to respect that...must be love.  Because like or not if you're in a relationship that works there's sacrifice and compromise made on both parts in order to keep it working and keep it good.


This is Tim & Drake's first Christmas together and they're looking forward to spending it with each other and Tim's sister and her son. Unfortunately old man winter has different plans for them and 'The Perils and Pleasures of a White Christmas' is Emily Morton's story of what can happen when plans go astray due to circumstances beyond our control.


It's cute and sweet and I really liked the MCs so what I would have liked was more.  More details about how they came to be where they are and why it seems like Drake is doing all the compromising and sacrificing to keep their relationship working and good because I have the feeling that's not really the case but I don't have the info to support my theory. So yeah, that's pretty much what I didn't enjoy about this my need for a bit more detail and background on these two men.


Oh yeah, I also know they have smokin' hot sex that's right less than 30 pages and these guys got the deed done a few times...well damn maybe I'm just jealous ;-)  Happy Holidays!!!