Strong potential but in the was just ok.

The Holiday Hoax - Skylar M. Cates

There was a lot I liked about the idea of this story, unfortunately some of it got lost in the execution. I liked the premise, I liked the MC's and I liked Evan's family, there was some good dialogue, I really liked that the relationship between the MC's was founded on friendship.


What I didn't like was some things just seemed to happen too quickly and needed a little more detail to give them depth and the thing that I really, really didn't like was the time jump at the end of the story there was a whole year just...zing...gone and it was Christmas again. That year was the time that JD and Evan took to really get to know each other and build a relationship and there was a bit of detail thrown in but it was the year that could have been such an incredibly sweet story and...well...dammit, I greedy I wanted it or at least a little more of it.


So in the end this went from strong potential to it was good and I honestly really, really liked JD and Evan and would have sincerely enjoyed reading more about them.