Ok...sooooo, not Christmas overload...

Something to Believe In - Sloan Parker

This one was definitely short but...oh holy day!  it filled me with emotion, not all of it was Christmas cheer and there were a couple of tears and a bit of heartbreak (I'm a mother it was bound to happen).


Sean has been on his own trying to survive for a couple of years now and it's Christmas time he's cold tired and hungry so he heads into a shelter for a warm meal and a break from the cold, harsh weather. He encounters Gavin who's sitting across the room.


This story follows these two men as they struggle to take care of each other and keep each other safe neither of them sure of the other's feelings and too scared to admit their own.  I knew shortly into this book I was going to be clutching at my figurative pearls and I was. I was praying and wishing for a Christmas miracle to make the world right for these two battered hearts and Sloan Parker gave me one, it was perfect, it was believable and it left me feeling alive with the hope of the holiday season and wishing really hard that this could happen for all the Sean's and Gavin's out there trying to get by in a world that's colder and harsher than it should be for them.


By the end of the story, miracle and all, I am left feeling saddened by the reality that this could be the story of so many young people...to many and yet I am also left with the untouchable glimmer of hope that for some, if not all of them, there is still someone looking for them, loving them and trying to bring them home and hope is the strongest emotion of all one I never want to loose.