Just another short sweet Christmas story...

Lessons Learned, Wishes Earned - Cassandra Gold

'Lessons Learned, Wishes Earned' is a short, sweet holiday story about two men being brought together for the holiday season and discovering that they have a common interest...each other.


Haven steps in to play Santa to Lachlan's elf when the stores regular Santa is taken ill.  Lachlan is determined to not notice how much Haven appeals to him and he almost succeeds until he helps Haven with a little extra Santa work after the store closes and then Lachlan sees not only how wrong his assumptions about Haven are but how wrong he's been about his own life as well.


This story was really sweet and quite low on angst and conflict as well as sex, although there was a couple of pretty steamy kisses. I liked the balance of things given that it was only about 20 pages long I think the author would have been hard pressed to create a story that was as nice as this one ended  up being had she gone over the top with the drama and angst. There does however seem to be opportunity to do more with Haven and Lachlan, should she feel so inclined, but in the mean time I was left having enjoyed a very nice holiday story.