So this one had a plot really it did...

Guns, Leather and Tinsel - Sean Michael

See Boom (that's his handle, his real name is Brian) is undercover at this bar looking for a gang that's dealing in stolen weapons what he finds first is 'Raptor' (that's his real name, seriously his name). Raptor and Boom have really, really hot sex. Boom keeps looking for his gun runners and did I mention he had really, really hot sex with Raptor.


There was in fact a storyline here and it was good but we also have to keep in mind that this was a short story at less than 75 pages. So all in all things had to move fairly quickly to get everything in and did I mention that there was really, really hot sex?


Given the length of the story there was a lot of it and this is something that if not well done will usually bug me because it doesn't move the story along and I start to find it tedious, well let me kill the suspense and just say the sex...not tedious. The story moved along nicely and yes some parts could have been fleshed out a little more but did I mention that there was really, really hot sex? I'm sure I've mentioned it a couple of times by now but...well...dom...errr,,,I mean damn, the sex was well done in this story or at least it worked for me and it seemed to be working pretty good for Boom and Raptor too.


'Guns, Leather and Tinsel' was just an entertaining story filled with guns, leather, bikers, sexy men and did I mention that...yeah, come on you know I did. You just wanted to see if I'd say it again...really, really...go on read the story and see for your self (hot sex, you know you wanna'...)