2014 is nearly gone...

In a few more hours this year will come to an end and as I await the old year giving way to the new, I can't help but wonder what the coming year will bring for me, my family and my friends both in the real world and those on the internet.


I know that this year has brought me a few surprises. The biggest one being the move that my husband and I made taking us nearly half way across this country we call Canada. With that move has come a new home, a new hometown and in general re-evaluating things. Most of all it meant leaving my son and his partner back in Ontario.  For me this was incredibly hard because not only is he my only child, but at 28 years old he has become one of my closest friends. I adore both him and his partner. They inspire me to do better, to be better and to give more of myself. I'm going to have a week with them next month when my husband and I meet them in California for vacation. Our Christmas present to them and to ourselves. I can't wait to be able to just give them hugs and kisses and spend time catching up on things.


It meant not being there for my sister when her husband was taken seriously ill, thankfully modern medicine did not fail us and he will be ok. It meant leaving my mother behind, something I never would have thought to be as hard as it was. You see my mom and I over the years have not always done so well, but at the end of it all she's still my mom and trying to help her understand that her youngest child was not going to be just an hour or two away was challenging at best and heartbreaking at it's worst. I at least have the comfort of knowing that my oldest brother and his wife and my sister and her husband are there to advocate for her and make sure that she is well cared for and comfortable where she now lives.  They are incredibly good to her and it makes me so very proud to call these people family.


As well as my family our move meant leaving behind my other dear friend. Whom I have known for around 20 years now.  She has had to deal with her own challenges this year. Ones that I wish I could have been there to see her through even if it was only to lend moral support. She is also an amazing woman and always in my thoughts. I don't think I've ever known anyone with a kinder, more generous nature. If I could pick my own sisters I would want her as one of them.


So in a nutshell that's the highlights of 2014 for me...except for one little thing and that thing is here Booklikes and also the other place (GR). It's what's helped me keep my sanity when I was questioning whether or not I could do this move. I always said Ontario was my home, I never wanted to leave and then one day I had to ask myself was it? And the answer was no, my home is with the man I married. He holds my heart and always will and so without reservation and without regret I said good bye to the other people that I loved and I know in my heart they are ok, they are taking care of each other and if they need me I will not hesitate to go and my husband will not hesitate to send me with his love tucked securely in my heart because he knows I will always return to him, for him. But in spite of knowing all this it was so good to have people here that were familiar that I could chat with and joke with and slip away from what was for me a very rapidly changing world. I can't even begin to tell you all how much it helped to have that escape. So what I hope is that those of you who are my friends and have been so very supportive just by being here and giving me an escape that was mine and mine alone will know how much it has meant to me and will understand the gratitude that comes with these few simple words...


"Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You have made this year possible and for that I fervently hope that next year is filled with wonder and magic for you and those you love. Happy New Years my friends."