We interrupt this series to bring you...

A Sinner Born - Avril Ashton

a moment of extreme angst and just general flailing about this book. Often with a series like this where the stories centre around different couples you get glimpses of the people who will be central to future stories. Such is the case with this series. From my first glimpse of Syren, I was fascinated I wanted to know more, I knew there was more and I diligently waited for it. Kane interested me as well, maybe not quite as much as Syren but enough to make me wonder how much I didn't know about him. That changed when I realized that these two men were connected. This story is the connection, it's the background for them both and the path to their future.


My biggest fear had been that I would be disappointed as occasionally happens. I wondered if the author could meet the expectations that were building in me for the story that would bring these two together. Well my fears were resoundingly and firmly laid to rest.


'A Sinner Born' was all that I had hoped for and so much more.


This story for me was 5 beautiful, glowing, tear filled stars because as much as I loved it there were tears many, many tears. Truthfully if you don't like angst this probably won't be a 5 star read for you and while I admit angst isn't always my thing. If the story is good I have no problem with a high amount of angst. For me the story was beyond good.


So now I'm going to take a bit of a break (an hour or two anyways) before jumping into the next story which...Oh Happy Day!!! is more Kane and Syren.