Should have been good turned out to be sorta' ok...

Sinner Like Me (Brooklyn Sinners, 3.5) - Avril Ashton

Sinner Like Me was more Syren and Kane. I really like this pairing. The previous book 'A Sinner Born' was definitely my Favorite, however, I had issues with some of the things that happened in this story. Some issues were minor but there were a couple of things that just ticked me off and I totally wanted to call bullshit on. So as much as I still like Syren and Kane this story is definitely near the bottom of the list for me. It was the last 20% that convince me to round up to 3 stars instead of down to 2, so there was a bit of redemption towards the end.


I'm off to find out more about Tommy and how Mateo wins his heart...this should be interesting.