This is a first for me...

Secrets - Jeff Erno

I have to confess this is the first time I've ever done this, write a review for a book that I haven't fully finished but I'm 90% done and I'm not feeling like there's anything earthshaking that's going to change my mind and this is my last chance to do this before getting ready to go on vacation for a week so it's not or never...well not really never.


I've really been looking forward to this book. I thought it sounded good. I love a good mystery and this one felt like it would deliver which it did in a way. My problem was that the story I got fell short of the story I was expecting. The elements were all there we have a gay cop with a bit of a chip on his shoulder, married to an adorable school teacher, we have a murder, we have a killer who's confessed but has more holes in his story than swiss cheese and we have a raft of potential candidates and everybody has a secret they're keeping that gets in the way of Chris Nelson (our cop) solving the puzzle that is his latest assignment but also leads him to a motive that would fill any decent person with rage and a lack of guilt over our victims demise, I know I was. Also did I forget to mention that Chris"OH HELL NO I WORK ALONE" gets a new partner and this woman's got spine so she doesn't back down just because Chris growls a little. So many things there to make a good and interesting story and yet at times for want of a better description I was bored, my attention wandered.


So at the end, or nearly the end. It was an ok story and I have every intention of finishing it.  I also have every intention of reading book #2 and #3. I hoping as is sometimes the case with a series that each successive book brings more life and detail to the characters and that just like a real relationship the authors comfort with the characters translates to a smoother more fluid relationship in the story and I start to feel the connection between the MCs that the author is trying to establish. So while this was not a great read for me, it's still one worth pursuing at least for a little longer.