Full Nelson is a full fail.

Teacher's Pet (Full Nelson Book 3) - Jeff Erno

"Teacher's Pet" is my third and final attempt at this series and was also the story I liked the least.

I'm not going to rehash the reasons why I don't like Chris and Ethan, they're in my review of book 2 'Glitter'.


I'm just going to say that I liked this story even less and the ending...well let's just say that for me it was over the top and part of it was just too contrived and in bad taste.

I really had a hard time with the fact that the spouses of 2 of the murder victims magically found romance together. "Gee, your husband and my husband were killed by the same person, it must be Karma bringing us together because I really wanted to have a relationship with someone who would totally understand my loss and be a reminder of the senseless violence that took the love of my life from me." Sorry, just no...N-O...NO!!!" This is not the kind of HEA bow I like to see my books wrapped in. 

(show spoiler)


So this is it for me and this series we are now officially done.