So May/December romances...

Down and Dirty - Rhys Ford

not usually my thing, but I am very willing to make an exception for Bobby and Ichiro. I have really, really liked both of these men from the word go. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about them together because of the age difference but it's Rhys Ford and I have faith. My faith was rewarded.


I love Bobby and Ichiro together, they work. Don't ask me why or how. I really can't explain it, but after having read this story I just can't imagine these men with anyone but each other.


This series was my introduction to the author Rhys Ford and it makes me sad to think that there's only one more book to come and then the series is done and yet ironically I sit here with grabby hands wanting that book and diligently hoping that as well as more Cole and Jae, Rhys will give us more Bobby and Ichiro...please?