A 5 star finish for a 5 star series...

Red Dirt Heart 4 (Red Dirt #4) - N.R. Walker

"Red Heart 4" turned out to be the last of my vacation reading. I finished reading it on the way home from California. It's always a challenge to read something like this when out in public...you know how it is too many tears, then laughter, more tears a few gasp, some sighs and people start to wonder about you. Of course if the book is that good you tend to forget where you are and that you're surrounded by a bunch of strangers some of whom may not understand the sheer joy and heartache that books such as "Red Dirt Heart" can be.


I loved this series and the characters that it has introduced me too and I will miss them dearly. I wish I could thank Ms. Walker personally for sharing Australia and it's wonders with me, for allowing me to spend time with Charlie and Travis, to meet Ma & George and all the people who made up their family. I'd also thank her for knowing that good stories like all good things must come to an end  but what matters most is how you end them. "Red Dirt Heart" ended as it began filled with life, joy, love and a few tears...some were sad, many more were happy.