More Dex & Sloane...just please more everything...

Rise & Fall (THIRDS Book 4) - Charlie Cochet

I'm not even sure where to begin with this. So just imagine me flailing and squeeing and generally wishing like crazy that it was July because that's when the next book in this series is due to be released and I can't wait to read it.


THIRDS has definitely made it's way to my 'Top 10 Favorite Series List. I love these books and the characters that reside between the pages. While 'Rise & Fall' did give us more of Dex & Sloane we also got a healthy peek at Calvin & Hobbs as well as Ash & Cael, who are set to be the MC's in the July release and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in my excitement to read that story.


I liked where things went between Dex & Sloane in this story. Dex started to show some real growth in terms of how his life priorities are changing as did Sloane. I'm sure that as a couple they still have some growing pains to experience but they also seem to be on more solid ground now. 


For me this book served a twofold purpose...


1. was to further the ongoing storyline which it definitely did and


2. was to shift the focus from Dex & Sloane to the other couples waiting in the wings for their turn and I felt like this happened as well due to the fact that while Dex & Sloane were still the main couple here we got to see more of Calvin & Hobbs as well Ash & Cael got a fair bit more page time combined with having Dex & Sloane interacting more with the other characters in the story and not just each other the shift to new MC's in the next book feels like a natural progression in the story line for me.


Along with all that there was a new character introduced in this story who garnered a good dose of sympathy from me and that was Collins' boyfriend (now his ex) Felipe Bautista. He was a sweet guy who just fell in love with the wrong man.


What surprised me in this book was how much we got to see of Austen and how much I am now a fan of this elusive character and  hope to see more of him as the series progresses. I want to see him in a relationship because it just feels like he'd be an even bigger challenge then Dex.  Maybe, Austen could give Filipe a shoulder to cry on ;-)


Then we have Dex and Cael's father. To say the least he surprised the hell out of me at the end of this book and I'd like to see more of him and for him as well.


And last but not least we have Lou and Bradley, they may not be THIRDS but I still like them and want to see how their romance plays out. I enjoyed seeing a more outspoken opinionated Lou.


Who knows what's next for some of these characters. I just know I want to keep finding out. So far it looks like there are only 2 more books to come in this series, but I'm really hoping that with all these fantastic characters this will change. The one thing I do know for sure is I'm hooked and I will definitely take what I can get. Whether it's 2 books or 10 if the story continues as it has so far sign me up for whatever comes along.