BUNNY SLIPPERS!!!! For everyone!

Shattered Glass - Dani Alexander

This book has kicked around and around and around on my e-reader and finally it happened, there was just one bunny slipper comment to many for me to ignore and I had to do It. It was time to read this book, so I bumped those bunny slippers up, up, up and up until it was at the top of the list and was slated to be the next book I read, so now, I've read the book and do you know what I have to say for myself?


What the hell was I waiting for? I can only plead temporary insanity, a lack of appreciation for bunny slippers. That's it, that's all I got folks.


I wish I knew where to begin to explain how much I totally loved and enjoyed this book. It was fantastic.  Right from the beginning I was pulled in Austen was just ridiculously over the top at times with his total jerkiness and asshattery and I loved that he owned it, Peter was well he was just Peter. Bunny slippers and all. Then there was Darryl & Cai, Angelica, Dave, Luis and the list of characters just goes on and on all of them wonderful in their own ways.


So basically it comes down to I abso-freakin-lutely LOVED this book!!!! I totally endorse anyone wanting a good read with solid plot, witty banter, characters you can love, hate and want to smack in the head all at the same time read this book.


I know there's a book 2 & 3 coming and maybe they will take a while given that this book was released in 2012 and there still isn't a release date for book 2 as far as I know. Well all I can say to that is "good things come to he, or she, who waits" and if book 2 and hopefully 3 are anywhere near as good as this one was they will definitely have been worth the wait.