Holy hell what just happened?

Eidolon - Jordan L. Hawk

'Eidolon' is a short story in the life of Whyborne & Griffin.  When Griffin decides that he wants to give Whyborne a perfect Valentines Day evening, however, work gets in the way.


This was such a sweet little story and I loved seeing the vulnerable side of Griffin. The side that is insecure and doesn't believe that someone like Whyborne could possibly love him and want to spend their with him. We saw similar thoughts and feelings in Whyborne during Widdershins. These two men need to talk but of course being men it's very possible that's not going to happen and we get to watch them muddle through for a little longer.


Now here's the bizarre thing I wanted more of the horror part of this story. I wanted to know what kind of demon they were dealing with. Where did this talisman come from? And there were more questions that I wondered about but no answers. So the demon gets to stay a bit of a mystery which at the end of it all seems ok, you know demon, mystery it seems to got hand in hand. So on to the next book.